Sunny Mann

Partner, Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie has been a member of TNON since 2011 and the value that our BAME network (BakerEthnicity) has derived from it is immeasurable. At the TNON meetings, being in a room with such passionate and dedicated network leads from across the city and across industries, has generated new ideas and even greater passion to work towards greater diversity and inclusion in our firm. TNON is unique and the work it has produced (e.g. its ground-breaking "The Middle Report" tackling how we can accelerate progression of BAME middle managers to senior roles) will continue to encourage the advancement of ethnic minority talent across the city of London and the UK. We look forward to remaining a part of this vital group.

Gillian Davis

Founder, Overtime Leader

It has been inspirational to see TNON grow and expand its reach and impact. A crucial part of being a network leader is building and facilitating a strong community. To do this well takes commitment, courage, and most importantly, leadership. TNON plays an instrumental role in developing the leadership capabilities required for network leaders to thrive, which is very different to functional management training. They provide the essential resources that help network leaders to role model the ability to lead in uncertain and ambiguous environments. TNON's commitment to providing learning and development opportunities combined with peer networking is a testament to their growth, and I believe should be seen as a part of the onboarding process for all network leaders. 

Brian Corr

Executive Consultant, Financial Services Compensation Scheme

On Secondment from the FCA

The Network of Networks multicultural chapter is a catalyst for inspiring, sharing ideas and supporting leaders of networks. Leaders of networks have a powerful opportunity to connect with the staff they represent, challenge everyone to think and behave differently and help organisations unleash their talent. Most organisation don’t support and invest in these leaders and it can be a lonely path. TNON provides an opportunity to learn, share and build a sense of connection with other network leaders. I have been lucky enough to be involved with TNON’s work and am always impressed by the quality of events, desire to understand what members need and provide actionable insights. I would encourage any network leaders to join and any organisation committed to change to support their leaders.

Tunji Akintokun MBE

Director, PwC LLP

TNON has grown considerably since its inception, providing a valuable platform for network leaders to grow, learn and thrive in developing their BAME networks for positive impact within their organisations. I am very proud to have contributed to several collaborations through TNON and to have served as an Executive Committee Member.

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